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About Pigeons

Feral pigeons have been found to carry more diseases to man than rats, and are one of the largest causes of internal biting insect problems within offices and homes. Faeces, fouling, droppings, excrement and guano are very unpleasant and the reason that pest control companies are investing a large amount of resources in clean-up, prevention and disposal operations. Nesting material and droppings are the host to many varieties of fleas, flies and stored product insects and an increasing number of detrimental and, in some instances, lethal human diseases.

About Pigeons


Eradication of the roosting flock is difficult and control can only be achieved by breaking their roosting habits. A site survey will establish the level of infestation and the programme of treatment required. A pigeon proofing system should always be the first consideration and these mainly consist of bird wire, bird spikes or bird netting. The correct system will depend on a number of factors relating to infestation level, food availability, site location, neighbouring colonies and building construction and listed status.

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