Pest Prevention

Pest Prevention is Pest Control

Prevention is always better than cure, so that’s why Essex Pest Proof provide a full pest proofing service. Many of our customers have had issues with mice and rats for years, but a survey of your property or business premises will highlight where rodents are gaining access. Our effective pest control solutions will ensure rodents are stopped for good.

Proactive Pest Control

Pest proofing is the most important part of any pest control treatment. We want to eliminate the immediate problem and prevent it from occurring in the future. Air vent covers can be installed, bristle strips fitted on external doors, bird proofing pigeon spikes or gel repellents can be installed on gutters.

About Essex Pest Proof

Essex Pest Proof offer a complete solution to all Domestic and Commercial Pest Problems. We will quickly control pest problems caused by Fleas, Rats, Mice, Ants, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Pigeons, Squirrels, Moths, Cluster Flies and Wasps Nests.

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